Our Mission is to promote art made with a story behind them

Who we are?

We are a passionate about promoting artisans and their hand-crafted pieces of art. Each piece is made from "Pachamama" (Mother Earth), which makes every item unique. We choose real artists that change elements from Mother Earth, into art pieces in which tradition and knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.

Our Mission is to highlight different forms of art with a story behind them. Each item is handmade by artisans who know how to work with mother earth "Pachamama". We carry home goods that respect our planet, as well as help connect to and raise earthly counciousness. Our goal is to make a difference by creating ties with people as customers, each piece of art, and the mother earth.

Our Vision is to increase the awareness of the handmade upcycle of products, have the opportunity to promote more artisans, and create strong connections, even friendships, with our customers.